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Europa-List: Re: Trigear conversion

Subject: Europa-List: Re: Trigear conversion
From: "John Wighton" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2021 01:26:52 -0700
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--> Europa-List message posted by: "John Wighton" <>

Please see our alternate to the trigear, the Acroflight taildragger 

We have one fully approved in the UK, G-MLXP, some more just starting their 
conversion/build and one 8n the USA.  So far we have had 50 enquiries.  

We make our own legs, these are similar to the trigear with some subtle 
improvements, Beringer are making a brake kit, available through us or direct 
(same price but we support the build), also finger brakes, flap actuators, etc.

We believe the TD Mod will pay for itself as Mono prices are lower than 
Trigear.  We believe the TD will prove to be the most popular version of the 
Europa, it combines the best aesthetics with good ground handling and hold the 
middle ground in terms of speed (Mono, TD, Trigear).

John Wighton
Europa XS trigear G-IPOD

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