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RE: Europa-List: XS Main Gear Legs

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Subject: RE: Europa-List: XS Main Gear Legs
From: Bud Yerly <>
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2021 21:48:16 +0000
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Don’t be alarmed by the tire wear.

It is a shame the manual doesn’t emphasize the camber angle of the mains.  The tire wear on the outside is going to happen.  See Chapter 29T.

Note that the gear, with the wheels off (if perfectly built) should have the axles aligned with the longitudinal axis of the fuselage and the camber angle (top of the tire towed out) is almost an inch.  Hence tire wear.

If both tires are wearing evenly, the plane may look like it is leaning a bit, but if the gear legs aren’t loose or bent don’t panic. 


I’ve seen guys put the gear in out of alignment during the build.  During the annual, I pulled the wheels, measured everything and I can’t fix a bad build.  Heavy Europa’s (1000 lb empty weight) suffer gear leg bends.  It happens.


Rarely does a home builder get the gear perfect.  I pride myself on a good jig and careful work, but the gear legs are slightly different, and a few firm landings may tweak the gear a bit even when built perfectly. 


We have a similar problem in the RV community (our Europa trigear legs are extremely similar to the RV4 legs).  The gear are slanted aft on the RV and they tend to bend outward and twist back making for toe out which on a conventional gear aircraft is less than ideal, but livable.  Our gear twist outboard also and of course bend upward reducing the camber and creating toe out. 


All you can do is on the annual, jack the plane off the gear, break out the chalk line, drop a plumb bob off the tail and from between the nose gear attachments (the nose gear is rarely perfectly straight) then while servicing the tires lay a straight angle iron on the floor and check for yourself.  You can’t do it with the gear spindles on blocks.  Because the gear obviously bends and twists with the weight.  (There are pictures of my cradle on line which I frequently use.) Some put a block under the nose tire, lift the tail by the stab tubes and put a trestle (saw horse) under the tailpost.  With the wings off, the main wheels keep it from rolling over, then block the main gear lightly, pull the wheels off and start a quick measure.


By the way, nice looking tire tread.  A lot of landing left.  (Personally, I don’t swap the tires left to right as it is easier to just put on new tires since you have to swap wheels also.)  It’s an airplane, it costs money to keep flying.


Your lucky, it’s our anniversary yesterday so we’re going out to eat so I’ll save you all my drivel.


Best Regards,

Bud Yerly




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Sent: Sunday, September 12, 2021 3:22 PM
Subject: Re: Europa-List: XS Main Gear Legs


I've been doing a weight and balance report today and noticed that the right hand side tyre has worn unevenly, suggesting that the leg is not straight.

Hopefully this will confirm my worst fears, what do you think guys?

Best regards



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From: D McFadyean <>
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2021, 10:48
Subject: Re: Europa-List: XS Main Gear Legs

It might also be the effect of rolling the a/c backwards against the toe-in of the gear; Other aircraft (eg Jabiru) display this effect.

Otherwise, it takes accident damage to induce a permanent set to the taper-rod legs of a Rans S6, for example.


Duncan McF.

On 12 September 2021 at 01:55 William Daniell <> wrote:



Before you tear your plane apart are you sure this isnt pilot paranoia.   (I suffer from this from time to time)


Measure at least 3 times in as many different ways as you can conceive.   And measure again.   And make sure your reference point is level.


It might also be the build.   One end of my tail is 13mm lower than the other despite my best efforts.  (Flies fine though.)



William Daniell
+1 786 878 0246


On Sat, Sep 11, 2021, 14:18 arwel pritchard <> wrote:

--> Europa-List message posted by: arwel pritchard <>

Good evening

I have a feeling that the main gear legs on my XS are slightly out of
line. I think its due to a couple of hard landings. When I looked at the
plane (looking at the front from about 8m away) in the hangar today, it
looks as if its leaning slightly to the right.

I have checked the sockets and the re-inforcing ply in the fuselage and
all looks to be ok.

My question is, how easy is it to fit new legs? There is a video on
youtube showing a guy changing one leg. It appears all he does is remove
the socket bolt, pull out the leg, then insert the new one and replace
the bolt, job done. Is there any re-alignment of any kind to do?

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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