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Europa-List: Re: TriGear - storage at home vs on an airfield

Subject: Europa-List: Re: TriGear - storage at home vs on an airfield
From: "italianjon" <>
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2021 01:19:58 -0700
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Hi Peter,

I have flown a mono for years, and operated it from a hangar and at home from a 
trailer. I can share my experiences of both.

Hangar - Just pull her out and fly. Drop of the hat round robins possible. Drop 
of the hat meetings possible at very no-notice.

Trailer - Tedious! Although it is not difficult to rig and derig, which I do at 
the moment, it is enough of a hassle, that my flying is reduced. There are 
afternoons I look out at a blue sky and think, "Oh wow, I'll go for a round 
robin", but then think "OK, pack the car with the rigging jigs, pull the 
trailer out of the garage to attach it to the car, drive to the airfield, rig 
the plane on the apron, drive the trailer to a suitable area to leave it out of 
the way of other airfield users, walk back to the plane, fly.... then do again 
in reverse" and I lose the motivation. When I have a friend with me, or I am 
meeting up with other Europa fliers, e.g. DOTHs etc. then I keep the motivation 
to push through the hassle factor.

My personal preference is hangar, but have a trailer handy! When you need to 
transport the aircraft, the trailer is available. But, it is more peace of 
mind, in all of the years I have had the Europa and Trailer, I have only "had" 
to trailer the aircraft for maintenance support, in a non-flyable condition, 

I'm on the waiting list for a hangar space at my local airfield, and I am 
looking forward to the day that it comes!! (But I am starting to think about 
something a bit further afield for a hangar space also - because I want to 
"Just jump in and fly" back)

My advice, think carefully about the hassle factor, and can you put up with it. 
If you can then trailer at home is a good solution.



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