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Europa-List: Re: Carb Balancing

Subject: Europa-List: Re: Carb Balancing
From: "Area-51" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2021 12:43:51 -0700
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I hear you there Bud... getting the dual vacum gauge to function may require 
blocking off the balance pipe between left/right manifolds, otherwise 
backpressure may interfere with true gauge reading; inline restrictor would 
dampen needle movement.

The bing carbi is not too different to the stromberg; age/grime/carbon blowing 
back into the inlet manifold from the combustion cylinder will eventually 
result in wear between carbi piston and its bore; so over time there would be 
slight discrepancies between operational height at various rpm due to slight 
vacum differences ; so the more carburettors used the greater the opportunity 
toward variation in mixture; and the way each carbi is balanced off against the 
others is by raising each piston manually and observing changes at idle or set 
rpm (as with SU or Stromberg tuning)... It doesnâ??t take much to setup a minor 
harmonic vibration. This is why a dellorto can offer superior performance; from 
dellorto its onto the world of mechanical or electronic injection and all have 
their endemic nuances.

Another usable diagnostic is monitoring all individual exhaust headers at tuned 
lengths from the exhaust valve; compare and contrast...

Personally, to get multiple constant depression carbis to run in perfect 
unison, other than buying s new matched pair, everything needs to be set up 
equaly on a bench down to .0005â?? accuracy, all pistons need to be checked and 
equally balanced, and then piston heights need to be equally set at a uniform 
air flow, and then it all needs to be setup for smooth idling... It can 
literally take weeks; and you might get 200, or 2000, hours of joy... somewhere 
you just need to draw the line at Cost/Time/Benefit. After 40 years making 
internal combustion engines run smooth first thing I would do is throw both 
carbis in the bin, unless you are a diehard purist, and fit good quality 

All things equal the rotax is a really really sweet powerplant which has left 
me very very impressed by... as is, could probably benefit by having an O2 
sensor and readout retro fitted for inflight diagnostic.

And Bud is right there; get your fuel supply done and move onto ignition ð???

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