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RE: Europa-List: Monowheel Inner Tube

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Subject: RE: Europa-List: Monowheel Inner Tube
From: Bud Yerly <>
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2021 16:36:17 +0000
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It is essential for all of us to keep up on the spare parts needed for our 
aircraft, and where to buy them.  Of course, part numbers and retailers change 
over time and we must keep up.

I published a list many years ago for the spares for the general Europa kit as 
an example.  On my own aircraft, I find every year I must review my parts, part 
numbers (and cost) of normal expendable and time change parts.  I do this at 
every annual/ inspection interval.  I personally keep an updated list in my 
laptop and my cell phone's micro SD memory card. I created a file folder that 
also contains every pdf, word doc, and drawing on every piece of equipment as 
well as countless wiring, service and operational information or manuals 
necessary for service, troubleshooting and repair of my particular aircraft.

In order to keep this data available on your computer and smart phone it is a 
point and click world of information which is easily downloaded, cut and 
inserted into a document to suit your needs (with a considerable amount of 
organization time I’m afraid).  I've found this data in my computer and smart 
phone to be invaluable.   Especially when at the airport or off station with 
maintenance required.  This is especially true for our second hand owners 
unfamiliar with maintenance of their aircraft.  The information is excellent 
for troubleshooting, but also for planning the work for an efficient repair.

Best Regards,

Bud Yerly

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Subject: Europa-List: Monowheel Inner Tube

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At our first fuel stop on a long cross country last week, the tire on our mono 
went flat during the roll out after landing on a paved runway. We always carry 
a new tube with us, but our spare was defective. We use a 7.00-6 6 ply tire on 
our mono.  We tried to use the tire size to find a new tube but couldn’t find 
one. We patched the old tube and returned home. It may help others to know, the 
correct tube is an AeroClassic Leakguard, part number GL-70877B and it is in 
stock at Desser Tire.

Jim & Heather

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