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Europa-List: Redux 420

Subject: Europa-List: Redux 420
From: "Peter pender" <>
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2021 02:56:38 -0700
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--> Europa-List message posted by: "Peter pender" <>

Hi all, glad to see the list up and going again, thought it was just me that 
had been retired.
Firstly, kit A217 is now a flying Europa. Started in US by Steve Dunsmuir and 
completed and flown a few weeks ago by myself, 15 hrs so far and going great.
Since we here in Victoria, Oz are in a lockdown every second week and I have 
another XS kit  I thought I may as well build one completely.
Here's the tech question, 
The kit is 99 era so epoxy and redux out of date. Have been using MGS epoxy and 
ordered one kit of redux to do metal to metal and metal to plastic but because 
the shelf life is so limited and it's very costly down here was wondering if 
anyone has an alternative or would epoxy with flock be ok for plastic to 
plastic, ie, cockpit module. We are experimental here in OZ so don't have to 
strictly stick to the manual.
 As a side note I saw where someone had tested out of date redux and I can 
verify twenty year old stuff still goes hard and sticks like the proverbial.

Cheers Peter

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